Steven Soprano’s 2009 Volkswagen GTI R20

Ah, the almighty GTI R20. Almost anyone around the world would recognize the signature blue color of this German work of art. As soon as it passes you by, you know what the car holds and what to expect from it. Regardless of your brand affiliation, your favorite mod list, or scene preference – everyone shares a respect towards the ongoing generations of successful automobiles such as the beloved R32 and the GTI. This however, is the 2009 Volkswagen GTI R20; a step further in performance and design from the legendary manufacturer.


The R20 is nothing short of aggressive. The owner, Steven Soprano, continues to push the car’s performance & aesthetics. The VW is floored on an AccuAir eLevel air ride system, along with a giant Ferrari BBK brake system, and Ferrari Italia 458 20″ wheels to top it all off; tucked neatly under a set of extra widened fenders all around. In person the car can be described as a “neck breaker” and although we’ve seen many quality MK6 and MK7 builds in the last few years, Steven’s vision & combination of elements give the car a personality of it’s own. The subtle matching blue stitching on the beautiful Recaro¬†Schalenzsitze is a nice touch along with the exterior blue on yellow contrast. His ideas have been in the works for a while. Steven’s first car was a VW, and like a lot of us, he followed his father’s enthusiasm and passion for the automotive scene. He always wanted to do something different, but waited until he could get his hands on a GTI in his favorite blue color. It was worth the wait if you ask us.


We all have different opinions on what is right and what isn’t. Many will probably say “you shouldn’t bag a performance vehicle” similar to the early R32 air ride builds we have seen in the past. Who said you can’t have both? The convenience & aesthetic of an air-ride system, combined with a whopping 372hp. Steven plans to push it above the 400hp mark pretty soon, with his current setup at over 507nm of torque; that’s one hell of a dub!¬†Pushing the boundaries is not an easy task to accomplish. Most builders who try “out of the box” ideas sometimes compensate with continuous changes & often a diminished “cleanliness.” Some people, like Steven though, get it right from the start.VW_GTI_R20_Carrtel_Wheel_1VW_GTI_R20_Carrtel_PerspectiveVW_GTI_R20_Carrtel_StevenSteven would like to thank VagParts for the parts & service, DVX Performance for tuning, Kean Suspensions, Maq Racing, and ofcourse Lorenzo Hamers Photography for the beautiful shots.




  • AccuAir eLevel Air Ride System
  • Ferrari Italia 458 20" Wheels
  • Ferrari 400mm 380mm BBK


  • Widened Fenders
  • Cleaned front-end
  • Rear wiper delete
  • Black trim
  • Blue stitiching
  • R20 Recaro Schalenzsitze


  • 372HP
  • 507nm torque