Ben Martin’s Ford Mustang GT

Ah, the good ol’ Mustang. A model that bears a revolutionary legacy. It marked the change from full muscle, to a more compact, practical, and affordable solution; the pony car. Named after the P-51 Mustang fighter jet, the Mustang was a concept that Ford heavily backed, and with good reason. A vision of a more simplified, common sports car. The Mustang pushed boundaries and brought many changes to the car-manufacturing game since its introduction in 1964. The pony class is the only muscle still available in today’s market. Now days, we all know it as a car with an overwhelming amount of support as well as hate, but regardless of your personal preference, it is a model that offers both visual appeal as well as performance. Ben Martin wanted to achieve a good balance of both worlds for his 2006 Ford Mustang GT.


Ben has been an enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Moved around a good bit, and was introduced to many different aspects in this hobby of ours. Needless to say, he’s got love for everyone doing it right, whether it is import, muscle, or old schools – staying open minded is what is important, regardless of the project’s nature. Some people see a combo they like, immediately spend the extra few grand on wheels/suspension and their cars are on the front page the very next morning. Nothing wrong with it, but when you have seen it all – building a vision of your own takes time and effort, and achieving that vision might turn out even harder.


Ben had the vision. A muscle car that would perform, yet embody unconventional elements for a Mustang. Some traditionalists would scream at the idea of JDM or Euro elements on an American car, but the execution is what matters. On the exterior, the Porsche monoblocks may strike you at first, and the fitment – just wonderful. The poke flows so well with the chassis’ rugged lines. Now, equip the interior with a Nardi woodgrain steering wheel & quick release combo, throw in some The Cipher CPA2001 + harnesses, and lets take off that rear seat as well. Not so customary – but oh so great.


Ben’s set up flows well, which proves to traditionalists that boundaries are meant to be pushed and styles were meant to be combined. And on the other end of the spectrum – the anti-Mustang banalities should pause and instead get a reminder of this car’s history and potential. A model that led a revolution in the 60’s, and one who has reverted their design back to its roots and transformed it completely today. Anyone who “groups” their individuality will limit themselves and more than likely blend with the rest, regardless of how much cash you throw at your next project. Ben put in the time, but also made sure to stay outside the box. Feels great to hear “I don’t usually like Mustangs but…” which may very well be his favorite thing about the car.


Although this is currently his daily driven car, Ben is planning for lots of goodies in the near future. He plans on a new wheel setup as well as a single turbo. A 2010 front-end conversion, notched subframe, and shedding a few pounds of course (both the car and himself). He is also trying to finish his MK2 GTI to replace as a daily driver. Ben is thankful for his girlfriend (who happened to buy him the car’s first mod – coilovers) and has been helping him plan, research, and decide on parts. He’d like to give a shoutout to Jacob Brcic Photography and Rival House, as well as all his friends who helped turn a wrench since his build began.



  • BC 30-way coil overs
  • Fays2 watts link
  • Steeda rear lower control arms
  • Steeda upper third link
  • Drake Motorsports adjustable tie rod ends
  • Steering Rack Spacers
  • Porsche 911 wheels 19x9.5 and 19x10.5 (monoblock version of the Ruger R10)
  • 5x114.3 to 5x130 31.75mm adapters
  • 255/35-19 f Dunlop SP
  • 275/35-19 r BFG KDW-2


  • CDC Aggressive Style front lip
  • CDC rear decklid panel
  • Spoiler Delete
  • AeroCatch flush mount hood latches
  • Blacked out badges and fog lights
  • Cipher CPA2001 Seats
  • Planted Seat Brackets
  • Cipher Harnesses & Harness Bar
  • Rear Seat Delete
  • Alpine cd deck
  • JL amp
  • JL w3 12" sub
  • Custom Fiberglass box
  • NRG v3 steering wheel quick release & hub
  • Nardi 350mm Wood Grain Deep Corn Wheel & matching shift knob


  • BBK twin 62mm throttle body
  • Injen CAI
  • BBK shorty headers
  • Offroad x-pipe
  • Flowmaster mufflers
  • Hurst short throw shifter
  • Moroso Coolant and P.S. Tanks
  • Ported heads
  • Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
  • Exedy Lightweight Flywheel
  • Tuned by Bama Performance