Brian Lake’s Mk5 R32

Brians R32 - Front for Carrtel

Hate it or love it, bagged Volkswagens have made their mark on the car scene like no other. Another great example of slammage and great execution is Brian Lake’s 2008 VW R32. Yeah, I can already hear some of the true-brand enthusiasts yelling “Why would you ever put an R32 on air suspension? Ruined!” Well, as with any build it all comes down to the owner’s preference. In this case, Brian wanted a practical daily driven VW with all the perks of a slammed dub’s exterior appearance. As a daily driver, often times air suspension provides the comfort, practicality, and if street driven – the car performs perfectly fine on bags, for those special moments we’re all familiar with.

Brians R32 - Trunk Setup for CarrtelBrians R32 - Front High for Carrtel

Brian saw the R32 in a dealership in Clearwater, Florida in 2009 and instantly wanted to purchase it. He envisioned a clean design with subtle touches that keep the car’s original look and feel. A good example is The Privat Legende wheel finish to match the matte mirrors. They will soon be replaced with CCW LM5 with different specs, however the design of the wheel itself retains the overall spoke appearance, with a bit of extras he’s got in store.

Brians R32 - Wheel for CarrtelBrians R32 - Side for CarrtelBrians R32 - Filling Up for Carrtel

Brian’s started with buying a cold air intake and cat back exhaust, but shortly after directed most of his efforts towards the car’s appearance and comfort. The interior features a custom tank setup, although the trunk will soon undergo a complete re-do. The custom visor for the AccuAir control unit is a nice touch as well. On the chassis; Brian plans on shaving the hood notch, front and rear side markers, trunk pop, door handles. We can’t wait to see the upcoming touches he’s got planned. Surely things will get added to the list, as he continues to build his ride.

Brians R32 - Trunk Hardlines for CarrtelBrians R32 - Remote for CarrtelBrians R32 - Badge for Carrtel

Brian is definitely on the path of making his head-turning R32 into a complete show stopper. He’d like to thank  his best friend Todd Ziegler for all the help and his very supportive wife as well as Jacob Tompkins Photography and Carrtel. Stay tuned for more updates on this car in the near future.

Brians R32 - Front Sundown for Carrtel




  • AccuAir E level Management w/ Key fobs
  • Airlift slam XL front bags
  • Slam Specialties RE5 rear bags
  • Frame notch
  • Top D cups and nipple delete
  • Air lift shocks
  • Dual 400c compressors
  • 5 gallon color matched tank with hardlines
  • Privat Legende 18x8
  • NeoGen tires 205/40/18


  • GTI brushed trim
  • AC vent pod
  • Podi PSI gauge
  • Custom sunvisor Accuair controller mount
  • 7" Kenwood touch screen head unit
  • 10' Fosgate sub
  • Custom tank setup
  • Brushed look on all emblems and exhaust tips
  • Lightly tinted tails, markers, and turn signals
  • Rear wiper delete
  • 5% window tint


  • Evolution Motorsport intake
  • Magnaflow catback w/ 4" tips