Jomar’s MK1 Caribe GT

vw caribe gt

Some car enthusiasts start their projects by choosing brand spanking new cars, ordering all brand name parts, and putting it all together when it arrives. Others, however, look for a rough diamond hidden in a cave and polish their way through success. VW’s are well known for the availability of aftermarket parts, reliability and cool lines, but picking the right VW out of a 1,000 takes some skill. Jomar D. Feliciano from Salinas, Puerto Rico is just one of those guys.

Caribe GT junkyard

During June 2011 he got a call from a friend who wanted to buy a VW Rabbit he found on the internet but could not drive it back home. They both went to see it but like always, the pictures were deceiving. In front of them was a banged up and rusty 1983 Rabbit with only 2 good things, 2nd and 4th gear! The trip back home was more than interesting with an almost near death experience while taking a curve and a not so locked door that flew open in the middle of the turn. It took them 2 hours to get past the mountain ranges and make it home safe. After the “journey” back home, the Volkswagen remained untouched for 4 long months sitting next to a Cabriolet that Feliciano was working on.

8caribe gt carrtel

Being a VW lover and looking at the possibility of bringing the old Rabbit back to life, Feliciano offered $500 to his old friend and after some conversation; the Rabbit had a new owner. Work started the next morning and Feliciano lost no time in swapping out parts between both cars. He wanted to get the car up and running in 2 weeks and ready for an upcoming VW Show. From floors to suspension to interiors, transmission and everything, Jomar made it all happen in 2 weeks after a spray can paint job done by his friend and some TLC to the electrical wires. Show after show the Rabbit kept turning heads until one unlucky day, a brake caliper broke crashing the car into another friend’s car at 30mph. It was devastating, but Jomar was determined not to lose hope.

caribe gt vw volkswagen carrtelcaribe gt carrtel rearbbs are vw mk1 caribe gt carrtel

The Caribe went into extreme surgery with a new round headlight apron, meticulous body work and a Pistachio Green hue from a VW Polo/Golf Harlequin. Next up, ARE wheels came into the mix to provide a more aggressive look along with a 2.25” custom exhaust and a BBS body kit to produce the beauty presented to you today.

caribe gt headlight carrtelbbs side carrtel vw caribeinterior caribe gt restoration vw

As with any great build, it has a story of its own. Respect to builders like Jomar who have the vision, dedication, and persistence to give this “junk car” a new life. There is more about this car than what meets the eye so if you happen to come across it, take a moment to appreciate it.

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