Jon Lamborn’s 2005 Scion xB

Normally when planning to start a build, most people shoot for a familiar model, a car they’ve always wanted to work on, or just a great deal on your favorite chassis. Others just wait to scoop up the best deal around, regardless of what it is – they are ready to take a risk, embark on a new challenge, and start working on a totally unfamiliar model, one that they themselves might not even like. Who would buy a car they don’t even like? Well, Jon “Weez” Lamborn is one of those guys. He bought his 2005 Scion xB from a Jeep dealer back in 2007. Initially, Jon did not like the car at all. The model/brand, and the way it sat in its stock form threw him off. However, Jon isn’t the type to pass up a great deal and a new challenge. The xB provided the convenience of a hatchback, decent fuel economy, and the huge aftermarket part support system, it was too good of a deal to pass.


Either way, you have to be prepared. No matter how good the deal is – Jon made sure to take some time, sit on the offer, and research every possible thing he can on the xB. Parts, diagrams, pricing. Like most JDM cars, there is huge selection of aftermarket parts so finding the motivation to build the car he wanted was not difficult. “I wanted everything out there, and to just go crazy with it,” says Jon. Despite this, he made sure to preserve the cleanliness of the car’s factory exterior.


This box sits nice and bold, so the long list of modifications below comes as no surprise to us. Jon found inspiration in many places, often ahead of himself every step of the way. His first mod to the car was lowering springs. That was quickly swapped out for a  UVAir air ride setup. The rear camber plates along with the car’s precise fitment give this box a certain “edge” when it sits.  Interior is flawless. Lots of good stuff here; Clazzio Leather/Suede seats, suede hatch, headliner, pillars, & custom painted trim pieces. The Bellezza VIP Curtains and Galahad door tables are a nice touch. This car’s interior stands out from the entire package. You can tell this was one of Jon’s primary focuses. After all, it’s every king’s castle. The ride experience entirely depends on it so attention to detail, comfort, and quality are of importance. The full interior specs are below.


We asked Jon what his overall goal was with this particular car; “I feel like setting a goal for my car would mean that one day I plan to stop modding it.” We all know trends come and go, you can find inspiration everywhere. It’s quite normal to want to change a part on your car, almost as soon as you began to enjoy it. It goes without saying that just about all of us in this lifestyle are never truly “done” with our cars. As we grow, so do our projects. New styles and ideas are constantly flowing and being improved upon. For better or worse it is what we love to do, and continue to do it we shall.


Jon has already made future plans for his car. The box is already rocking a new wheel setup since our shoot. He also wants to make some modifications to his air suspension setup, and some further detail work on the interior. Jon would like to make a shout out to StL Scion and all of it’s members; “They’re always a great inspiration for stepping up my game every year. Also to our sponsors and to those who have helped with my build along the way: Diode Dynamics, K-n-K Designs, Susie at Adrenaline Motorsports, Ben Samne, Craig Brown and the bB Squad family for being a HUGE inspiration, Eli Stroh at Dominant Image, Jacob Brcic for the photos, and my wife Katie for standing by me through this horribly expensive habbit! We’ll end with some wise words from Jon himself, “Anyone who is starting their first build… Take it slow and do it right the first time!”



  • Universal Air - Manual Air Ride System
  • 4 Gallon Air Tank
  • Viair 480c Compressor
  • 1/4” Lines
  • Custom Tank & Compressor Bracket

  • Monroe Shocks
  • TRD Front Strut Tower Bar
  • EC 10mm Rear Hub Spacers
  • REALCamber -3 Rear Camber Plates
  • Monarch 410 Mesh Wheels 18x8 +26, 18x9 +23
  • Kumho Ecsta AST 215/35/18 Tires


  • Suede Wrapped Headliner and Pillars
  • Custom Painted Interior Pieces
  • Suede Wrapped Hatch with Embossed “bB” Logo
  • Custom Audio Box by Dominant Image
  • JL 500.1 amp

  • (2) JL W3 10” Woofers
  • Pioneer HU and Components
  • eDead Sound Dampening

  • Blue Interior LED Lighting
  • Clazzio Leather/Suede Seats
  • Custom VIP A/C Dials with Crystals
  • Bellezza VIP Curtains
  • Junction Produce VIP Neck Pads
  • Galahad VIP Door Tables
  • JDM Spirits Wing
  • JDM Toyota/bB Badges
  • Cleared Heads
  • Sonar Smoked LED Tails

  • JDM Toyota Visors

  • Scion Pro Chrome Hatch Handel

  • JDM Toyota Chrome Mirror Covers
  • Black Sand Pearl bB Grille


  • Blitz NUR-Spec axle-back exhaust