Michael Meyers 1965 Beetle

The New Year is here, and it seems everyone has set fresh goals in order to achieve something bigger, bolder, and more extraordinary. In this light, we wanted to do the same. Michael Meyers  1965 Volkswagen Beetle is many things and all of them are nothing short of extraordinary.

Brcic-1965-Beetle-Carrtel-3Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-4

Throughout time, every kid has a dream car. Some change, others don t. Often times they are expensive luxury cars, powerful sports cars, or exotics. Michael, however, wanted a 1965 VW Beetle since he was 16. While some teenagers could be disappointed to see an old Beetle in their driveway when they get their first car   that was all Michael wanted. But as every kid s first choice, it was unattainable. Due to the car s age, his father was worried it would cause issues and wouldn t be reliable. The man had a point- most of us have issues with cars that are fairly recent models, let alone a car that has been around for half a century. This refrained him from getting the car he wanted.

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Eventually, things changed. His father passed away and Michael couldn t wait any longer. He found the perfect 1965 Beetle and jumped on the chance. She was unique, preserved, and smoothly detailed.  If only he could see it now,  says Michael.

Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-1Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-5Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-10

It s no surprise this car turns heads anywhere it goes. It is slammed (static), with custom made 15×8 inch rear wheels, 2 inch CB Performance beam, 4 inch drop plates, SMART CAR wheels in the front (whoa) with Porsche center caps all around. The small details make all the difference. This car has bamboo hydro-dipped inner headlights, engine cover, and steering wheel done by Team Gileto Graphics & Performance as well as a bamboo weaved lower dash rack. The rear wheels were built by Stockton Wheel in California. The company was temporarily closed and the original owner (Eric Fowler) had to wait a few months before being able to send his dimensions to make it all happen.  As you can see the Beetle was preserved nicely, since it was originally from Lake Havasu, making it practically rust-free.

Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-2Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-6

Michael adores driving this car. He loves the attention it gets, especially when older folks ask him  Are your wheels falling off?  due to the camber in the rear. He d like to give a special shout out to Jacob Brcic Photography as well as Rival House, Old Man Rivers and of course the original owner Eric Fowler. He admits that there are things he d like to change. Some of the future plans for this lovely Beetle are bags (full air ride suspension), a bigger motor, and a wooden roof rack.

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Like all of us, Michael is emotionally attached to his car. He likes the attention and frequent questioning. People s interest in the car reminds him that it s not an ordinary automobile that blends with the herd on the freeway. It s something special which sparks curiosity, creativity, and will put a smile on your face. After all, isn t that what this lifestyle is all about?

Brcic 1965 Beetle Carrtel-13



  • 2" CB Performance beam
  • Custom made 15x8" rear wheels
  • Smart car front wheels
  • Porsche center caps
  • 4" drop plates in the rear


  • Hydro dipped bamboo inner headlights
  • Hydro dipped bamboo steering wheel
  • Bamboo weave lower dash basket


  • 1600cc Motor
  • Hydro dipped bambo engine cover
  • Hydro dipped bambo engine caps