Matt Murray’s Nismo 350Z

Whether you are into classy, old school automobiles, or into Euros, or maybe you are an exotic gearhead – everyone has a bit of love for the JDM scene and what it has brought us these last few years. We bring you this beautiful, daily driven 2007 Nissan 350Z Nismo out of St. Louis, MO. The owner, Matt Murray set out to build a car that is more than just attractive on the outside. He wanted it to be different than most stanced Z’s out there by leaning towards the aggressive, performance-oriented look.

matt murrays nismo 350zDSC_0395

From the first glance of looking at this car, you can already tell there’s some serious power in this thing, with a good bit of money put into it. It’s sitting on BC Racing coilovers and Volk RE30′s 18×9.5 front, 18×10.5 rears. The absence of crazy camber & tire stretch should already tell you what this car is all about. It might be daily driven, but it’s built to be pushed to its limit when the time is right.

matt murray's nismo 350z DSC_0287 6.14.59 PMDSC_0344

Matt is all for the low lifestyle. He goes out of his way to drive across the city, often detouring for miles just to get through the safest route possible to preserve his car. He understands the movement and is definitely someone who put love and hard work into his build. The parts were chosen carefully and their price isn’t a joke either. He loves his car but says there is always room for improvement and future work to be added.

DSC_0356 DSC_0422 DSC_0346

The 350Z Nismo is a child’s dream to a lot of enthusiasts. It’s rare, and powerful. You don’t see too many around these days. This is why Matt has preserved the exterior body to its original factory state and takes care of it every step of the way. Most of the “clean” appearance modifications one would do to their car are already present in the Nismo version of the 350Z. Hell, you could say that about performance as well. It’s more than just a 350Z+, especially with the owner’s touch added to the entire package.


Overall this is a beautiful Nissan model that has been pushed even further by Matt’s work and vision of the car. Regardless of what your preferred scene or car models are, you have to show appreciation towards someone this dedicated with modifying, and preserving his car on a daily basis, while enjoying this Z for everything it has to offer.